Paris Hilton: "Cy Waits Is My Hero"

19. března 2011 v 12:31 | ~[M I S S]*
We have sort of been wondering why it is that Paris Hilton hasn't yet grown tired of her latest toy boy, bartender Cy Waits. We mean he's not exactly the best looking or richest guy around. Two of Paris most common boyfriend criterias!

However in a recent interview, Paris reveals what exactly it is that makes her love Cy so much. He is her hero! She said that he saved her life when a burglar armed with two big knives broke into her home last year, and that she probably wouldn't be alive today if Cy hadn't been with her when the intruder charged in. Maybe he isn't so bad after all then! But we think we'll still hold off with the prince charming title for a while...

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