Taylor Momsen: "I'm a bad influence on Lourdes"

31. ledna 2011 v 16:47 | ~[M I S S]* |  Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen: "I'm a bad influence on Lourdes"

Could this be the reason why Madonna chose to replace Taylor Momsen with Kelly Osbourne to front the new Material Girl range? Taylor recently revealed in an interview with the British magazine Grazia that she befriended Madonna's daughter Lourdes during their collaboration for the first range and that she probably ended up being quite a bad influence on her.

She explains, "I probably am a bad influence. The other day, this reporter brought his 12-year-old daughter to an interview. She was looking at me open-mouthed, like: 'I want stripper shoes, Daddy!' He hated me! But I'm not saying, 'Be like me.' I hope girls read what I say in interviews - they should just be themselves. They wouldn't want to be like me. I'm crazy. I'm fucking out of my mind. I've been told I was out of my mind since I was 11."

Wow. Taylor just loves to add to her bad girl image, doesn't she!?

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